Move Tool

Moving and manipulating what you draw in SketchUp is fundamental to creating great models. The Move tool () is a multi-dimensional (literally) asset that helps you move and manipulate individual entities, multiple entities, or even your whole model.

In SketchUp for iPad, the Move tool has the following optional tool modes:

  • Copy () - Create a copy, or even multiple copies, of pre-selected geometry.
    Tip: With Copy mod, you can create an array using the Measurements box. For example, to create 3 copies in an array, type "x3" in the box.
  • Stamp () - Change the Move tool to SketchUp's version of a rubber stamp. Pre-select some geometry and activate this mode Anywhere you tap or click after choosing this tool mode creates a copy of the geometry you've already selected.
  • Autofold () - Allows you to stretch your geometry and creates a crease to make sure all the faces in your geometry remain flat rather than bent.
  • Inference Locks - Selecting one of these optional tool modes restricts drawing to a specific inference point:
    • Lock X () - The X axis or Red plane.
    • Lock Y () - The Y axis or Green plane.
    • Lock Z () - The Z axis or Blue plane.
    • Lock Parallel () - Parallel to a selection or the last line drawn.
    • Lock Perpendicular () - Perpendicular to a selection or the last line drawn.
Note: Inference Locks are one-time operations. Once you've drawn with an inference lock you'll revert back to the unmodified Move tool.

Keyboard Shortcut: Pressing M activates the Move tool.

Input Methods for the Move Tool

After choosing the Move tool and activating any optional tool modes, you can use any of iPad's input methods in either Click-Move-Click or Just Draw mode.

Tip: You can enter a distance in the Measurements box for additional precision.


Pencil or Multitouch - Start with a hard press, establishing what geometry you want to Move, Copy, or Stamp, then lift the Pencil. You can then move that geometry within your model. Place your geometry where you want it with another hard press. In Stamp mode, repeat as many times as needed.

Mouse or Trackpad - Click the geometry you want to Move, Copy, or Stamp. Move the geometry and click again to finish the move.In Stamp mod, repeat as many times as needed.

Just Draw

Note: Geometry must be pre-selected when using the Move tool in Just Draw mode.

All Modes - Click or tap and hold on the pre-selected geometry and drag the cursor to where you want to Move, Copy, or Stamp it. Lifting your finger or pencil, or releasing the mouse button or trackpad, completes the operation. In Stamp mode, repeat as many times as needed.

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