SketchUp 8 - Maintenance Release 4

Win 8.0.15158
Mac 8.0.15157


The following issues have been fixed:

  • SketchUp has been re-branded as a Trimble product. Most references to Google have been updated or removed as needed and we have a new icon. Some exceptions, such as the install path, still contain references to Google.
  • Mac: Better support for Retina display.
    • Text is easier to pick. Prior to M4, you had to click on the top left side of the text to select it and when edited, the text changed size, making it hard to edit.
    • Text and dimensions display at a correct size.
    • SketchUp now takes advantage of the full resolution of the Retina displays.
  • Mac: Text boxes within web dialogs no longer display with a black background. After Apple's release of Safari 5.16, text boxes within web dialogs (e.g., Add Location, Photo Textures, Add New Building, Dynamic Components and lots of the 3D Warehouse dialogs) could display with a black background, which made it impossible to see what you were typing.
  • Mac: Installer is now recognized as coming from an "identified developer " which complies with Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper feature.
  • Windows: When sending to LayOut from SketchUp on a machine where LayOut had never been launched as an administrator, the send previously would fail. This issue has been fixed.


The following issues have been fixed:

  • LayOut, like SketchUp, has been re-branded.
  • Mac: Better support for Retina display
    • Mouse input is now recorded correctly.
    • A SketchUp model view that is part of a subview that has been scaled renders correctly
    • Text from a SketchUp model was shows up at the correct size. Prior to M4, text may have appeared very small.