Using Voice Commands

Voice command are a useful and effective way for activating application functionality, for accessibility reasons, or when you’ve got your hands full.

When signing into the SketchUp Viewer app for the first time, you have the option to enable voice commands. In order to enable voice commands, you’ll then need to grant SketchUp Viewer the ability to access your device’s microphone. More information is available in the article about Setting up SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens.

If you decided to pass on enabling voice commands when you first launched SketchUp Viewer, you can enable them later, by toggling them on in the About panel as shown in Fig. 1 below.

Fig. 1. The About panel offers the option to toggle Voice Commands on or off.

The following table lists the set of commands that are currently supported:

Home screen

Voice PromptWhat it does
Open Home screenOpens the Recent Models panel
Open Trimble ConnectOpens the Trimble Connect panel
Sign OutSigns you out of the application
Refresh LicenseRefresh application entitlement
About SketchupOpens the About panel
Help CenterOpens the Learn panel
FeedbackOpens the Feedback panel
Hand MeshToggles the visibility of the hand mesh ON/OFF
Clear CacheDeletes recently viewed models (that live in Trimble Connect) that are temporarily being saved in local memory. Does not affect models that are marked as available offline, or that have been downloaded as a copy.

Local Tab

Voice PromptWhat it does
Reload ModelsRefreshes the contents of the Recent Models panel
Update ModelsRefreshes the contents of the screen when browsing the Trimble Connect panel
Open Opens the model with a matching title (e.g. "Open Dance Center")
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