Frequently Asked Questions

What are Live Components?

Live Components are SketchUp components that can be configured in SketchUp for Desktop, SketchUp Web, and SketchUp for iPad.

Can we create our own Live Components?

Yes! Trimble Creator is where you can create Live Components. Head on over to and check out the tutorial module to get started.

What is Trimble Creator?

Trimble Creator is a content creation tool for Trimble modeling solutions. Trimble Creator allows users to create powerful logic and turn this logic into a Live Component.

How can we provide feedback?

The Trimble Creator & Live Components forum is a great way to let us know what you think. You can also use the Submit Feedback tab in Trimble Creator.

Do Trimble Creator or Live Components require an internet connection?

Using Trimble Creator to create or change the configuration of Live Components requires an internet connection. However, once you have a Live Component in your SketchUp model or on your computer, you can make copies and work with it offline much like you would with normal components.

What’s happening to Dynamic Components?

Dynamic Components aren’t going anywhere and will continue to function in SketchUp for the foreseeable future.

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