SketchUp Desktop 2021.1

SketchUp Pro 2021.1
21.1.279 Win 64-bit
21.1.278 Mac 64-bit

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What's New in 2021.1?

In any given release, we strive to make SketchUp more reliable, efficient, and useful. While we sometimes shy away from changes that may disrupt your modeling experience, this release features changes to modeling behavior meant to standardize usage patterns across core SketchUp tools. Our goal is to improve the consistency of how modeling works from tool to tool, to improve the efficiency of individual tool workflows, and to improve the learnability of SketchUp's most nuanced behaviors. Read on to learn about the patterns we are trying to establish, as well as the impact on individual tools.

Modifier toggles

Likely the most explicit change you will notice is that more tool 'modes' behave as toggles that can be turned on and off by tapping a key. This means fewer press-and-hold modifier interactions (for tools like Scale), as well as -- we hope -- more predictable modeling outcomes and more efficient usage across multiple tools.

Modifier persistence

We are also persisting modifier tool states across multiple operations. This means being able to make multiple copies of objects with Move or being able to hide edges with Eraser across view changes... without repeatedly hitting modifier keys.

Eraser's tool mode toggles let you hide edges across camera views without repeatedly re-triggering a modifier.

Modifiers will also persist across when you hit Escape to cancel out of an operation. Changing tools resets a modified tool to its default state, as will toggling off a modifier or hitting a tool's shortcut key.

Pre-lock inferences

Many SketchUp tools -- like Rotate, Rectangle, Circle -- already feature the ability to 'pre-lock' an inference direction or drawing plane. In this release, we are applying this pattern to other tools as appropriate. To start, you're now able pre-lock an inference direction before the first click with the Line, Tape Measure and Move tools.

Notably, we have not changed the ability to temporarily lock an inference by pressing and holding the Shift key. That's one of a few examples where we think the existing press/hold keyboard interaction patterns are important to preserve.

Impact on individual tools


The Line tool is now enabled to pre-lock an inference drawing direction.


Eraser modifiers can now be triggered with a toggle key press and persist across multiple click-drag actions. Notably, Eraser is still enabled to work by pressing-and-holding a modifier key. So, if you tap the Shift key, you will toggle on Hide in a persistent way, and if you hold down Shift, you will enable Hide only until you release the key.

While we were at it, we took the opportunity to enhance the Eraser tool's optional modes by adding the ability to unhide geometry using the existing unsmooth mode – so, now it's an 'unhide/unsmooth' mode.

To help facilitate the process of unhiding/unsmoothing stuff, SketchUp now automatically makes Hidden Geometry visible when unhide/unsmooth mode is activated, and returns to the previous setting for View Hidden Geometry upon exiting unhide/unsmooth mode or switching to another tool.

Additionally, the Eraser tool cursor now provides visual feedback in the form of cursor add-ons that indicate the tool's current mode (hide, smooth, or unhide/unsmooth).


Push/Pull's modifiers -- Create New Starting Face and Stretch -- are both toggles and they persist across multiple interactions. Push/Pull also has a slightly different cursor art across its modified states.

If you're wondering what Push/Pull 'Stretch' is, you will not be alone. Stretch is a tool mode that has actually existed in SketchUp for years, but has never been referenced in the Status Bar or received distinct treatment in the Push/Pull cursor. 'Stretching' a face is roughly equivalent to moving the face perpendicular to its drawing plane.

Use Stretch to distort forms (a la Move) without switching tools, selecting entities, or locking inferences.


Both Move tool modifiers -- Copy and Autofold -- now persist across multiple moves. This behavior applies to moving pre-selected items as well as to 'hover-to-select' Move operation. Also, the inference direction can be locked before the first click of a move.

Copy, copy, copy, copy, copy… but only toggle Move: Copy once.


Scale tool modifiers -- About Center and Toggle Uniform -- are now toggles and persist across multiple operations within the Scale tool.


The Rotate modifier -- Copy -- now persists across multiple operations. This tool mode is also available without pre-selected entities.


The Protractor modifier -- Toggle Create Guides -- now persists across multiple operations.

Tape Measure

The Tape Measure modifier -- Toggle Create Guides -- persists across multiple operations. If you were paying close attention, this is actually a change we introduced in SketchUp 2020.2. Similar to Line and Move, the Tape Measure tool's inference direction can be locked before the first click.

Paint Bucket

All Paint Bucket modifiers -- Sample, Paint All Matching, Paint All Connected, and Paint All on Same Object -- are now toggles. However, the Sample modifier still switches back to the Paint Bucket tool after one use. The other modifiers persist. Similar to the Eraser tool modifiers, the Paint Bucket modifiers will still work by pressing-and-holding a modifier key.

Status Bar prompts and Instructor updates

For each tool we've adjusted, we've also updated Status Bar prompts and Instructor panel content in order to standardize how we convey useful information about each tool. All of the Instructor panel dialogs have been reformatted, but thus far, we've only changed Status Bar prompts for the tools whose behaviors have changed. More Status Bar prompts will be updated in subsequent releases.

'Butter-side up' faces

Alongside improvements to Push/Pull noted above, we are also making a change to front face (or 'normal') orientation when drawing stuff in SketchUp. Now, SketchUp will always orient faces with the front side facing up, when drawing on the ground plane, and with the front face 'facing' the camera in other cases. If a face is drawn over the top of an existing face, the new face will still inherit the orientation of the face that it is drawn on. With these 'butter-side up' faces, double-click Push/Pull operations behave more predictably and push-pull copy operations result in 3D meshes that are much more likely to result in correctly oriented faces. Additionally, the Follow-me tool will now create extrusions with the front face oriented outward in most scenarios.

Newly traced floor plans -- and lots of other faces -- now extrude with more predictable results.

PolygonMesh performance improvement for extensions

Many SketchUp extensions that either import or create large amounts of geometry in a given operation rely on an API class called PolygonMesh. These operations that use this class can be very slow depending on the import size or complexity of geometry created. In 2021.1, we are introducing an orders-of-magnitude improvement to how efficiently SketchUp's API handles PolygonMesh operations. In this case, the larger the operation, the bigger the improvement. The good news is that most extension developers do not need to do anything different to take advantage of this improvement. We expect you'll notice the difference in extensions like Artisan, SUbD, Bezier Surface, and Skimp. For more details on how to leverage the performance improvements refer to the API documentation.

A persistent Extensions menu

The Extensions menu is stepping out into the sun. From here out, this menu heading will always be visible, regardless of whether extensions have been installed there or not. We've also relocated extension management and developer tools to this menu.

You may be interested to know that we recently published Extension UX Guidelines for SketchUp Developers. We want to help developers make extensions that function predictably in SketchUp and fit nicely in a user's mental map of our application. (That goes for the things we build too!)

Unit-aware Live Components

With this release, you can now download Live Component models from 3D Warehouse whose parameter units will respect the unit settings of your model. This should make it a bit faster to determine the proper parameter input for a Live Component while modeling. With a recent update on 3D Warehouse, all Live Components in our SketchUp Labs account are now enabled for unit translation.

The parameters in the Configure Live Component panel respect the unit format of your model. Respect!

We are also introducing a modest improvement to the drawtime of Live Component editing. We have more efforts in the works to make Live Component configuration more persistent and responsive when working across multiple objects.

IFC4 Classification and Export

SketchUp now ships with an IFC 4 schema that you may use to apply classifications in Entity Info or with the Classifier tagging tool. And IFC4 is now a supported export file type.

PDF library upgrade for SketchUp and LayOut on Windows

We've updated the libraries that SketchUp and LayOut use to generate PDF exports. Along with this update, we also tried to squash several bugs related to undesirable artifacts or effects in exports.

Type-to-scale input in LayOut

We zeroed in on a particularly unsatisfying experience in LayOut: scanning a long list of scales for the exact one you want, or going on a detour to Preferences to set a custom scale. Now, you can simply type in a scale in the Camera tab of the SketchUp model panel. This new type-to-input will neaty parse a number of inputs: type 1:50, 1” = 50”, 1/50, .02, 2%, or even 6” = 25' will all quickly apply a 1:50 scale to a viewport.


SketchUp Release Notes

Bug fixes / small features added

  • Fixed a memory leak in component instance creation.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during a validity check.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adjusting Live Component settings.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when push/pulling a divided face where one of the edges contains a curve that extends past the face.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the Live Component dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where SketchUp would crash on exit when the Live Component Configuration dialog was open.
  • Fixed an issue where having very long names for materials and styles could prevent the model from being reopened.
  • Fixed an issue where some models created with older versions of the Skalp extension could not be saved. Added a new validity check to fix invalid tags in this case.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after a copy and paste action in a V-Ray scene, if there also was an extension using EntitiesObserver.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a new style from an existing style.
  • (Win) Fixed a crash that could occur when working in models that have a very large number of connected faces - e.g., when exploding complex imported CAD files.
  • (Mac) Fixed a crash that would occur when right-clicking on a section plane if SketchUp was not the app that was in focus.
  • (Mac) Fixed a problem where materials in the app bundle that were not writeable would cause a crash.
  • (Mac) Fixed an intermittent crash that would sometimes occur after signing in or adding a license.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where SketchUp would sometimes intermittently crash on close.
  • (Mac) Fixed a crash that would occur when quitting Sketchup with two modeling windows and the tags dialogs open.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where the status bar would not display the correct text after pressing the Esc key.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where entering a value in the Measurements Box while pushing an object would cause the object to extrude in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where a pre-selected face would be deselected after a push/pull operation completed when geometry overlapped.
  • Modified the Push/Pull tool to always display a positive number in the Measurements Box regardless of push/pull direction.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where a face or object would extrude in the wrong direction after entering a value in the Measurements Box and double-clicking the mouse to perform multiple extrusions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Scale tool where the scale handles would disappear when zooming in extremely close on an interior face of a 3D object.
  • Fixed an issue where switching the mode for the Push/Pull tool (normal, copy, stretch) would show incorrect geometry until the next mouse movement.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Push/Pull tool in stretch mode on an isolated face led to unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed several tools whose status bar text did not update until the cursor was moved.
  • (Win) Fixed a corrupt cursor graphic for the Push/Pull tool copy mode.
Model Error Checking
  • Fixed an issue where validity errors could occur when exporting a model using the "Export only current selection" option.
  • Fixed an issue where a validity error could occur due to a missing persistent ID when performing a push/pull operation on a face with a dividing line.
  • Fixed an issue where persistent ID validity errors would not be fixed after performing Undo Check Validity and Redo Check Validity.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a component containing a face with a curve as an edge could result in a validity error / displaced geometry.
  • Added a validity check to fix an issue where sketchy edges could become shared between the active style and another style which would cause a crash.
  • Implemented a setting in the SketchUp Preferences to enable or disable automatically fixing model errors, similar to the preferences setting that could be found prior to SketchUp 2021.0. This setting is enabled by default, and the option to notify when problems are fixed is not enabled by default. Even though validity checking will not be performed when this option is disabled, some models may still encounter errors while trying to save or auto-save. In these rare instances, the user will be presented with a dialog box asking if they would like SketchUp to resolve the errors and complete the save operation or if they would prefer to cancel the save operation without fixing any issues.
  • Fixed an issue so that when the Untagged tag is selected, the Delete Tag item in the Details menu is disabled.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where renaming a tag that was nested in a folder using the single click method on a selected tag, the rename would be rejected.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the Tag Group name was not truncated in the name column.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue in the Tags dialog where the horizontal scroll bar would not appear in some instances.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where scrolling through a large number of tags would not display all available tags.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue in the Tag Dialog where long tag names ran into the color swatch.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where a tagged folder could not be deleted.
  • (Mac) You will no longer be able to edit a Tag name in the Entity Info Tag dropdown. This is intended to prevent Tag names from inadvertently being changed when looking up a tag or invoking a tool via a keyboard input.
  • (Mac) 'Untagged' Tag is now located at the top of the Entity Info dialog tag dropdown box.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not export just your selection to our 3D export formats when in a component edit.
  • Fixed an issue where Export Selection was not working.
  • Fixed an issue when importing a modified component where a non-unique instance of the original component was created.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue when exporting to PDF where languages that read Right to Left would not display properly.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where exporting a model containing Chinese characters to PDF would remove or distort the text.
  • Fixed a problem with the Autoupdate dialog, where the Remind Me Later button remained during download.
  • Improved the wording of errors that occur when attempting to install SketchUp on a 32-bit machine or when there is insufficient disk space (less than 2GB) to install.
  • (Win) Fixed an installer problem where previously-installed languages were not pre-populated in the language selection window when upgrading.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the SketchUp installer would fail with an error saying that LayOut was still running, even though it wasn't.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where a warning was not shown when attempting to install an older version of SketchUp on top of a newer one.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where installing SketchUp Viewer on a system that did not have SketchUp installed failed to create file associations and thumbnails.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where uninstalling SketchUp Viewer did not remove associated files from the Program Files folder.
  • (Win) Installation of SketchUp Viewer will now create a ViewerInstallShield.log file in the same location as the Viewer installer.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where minor upgrades did not retain Recent files in the Startup and Taskbar right-click menus.
  • Fixed a problem where some of the template units were not localized because they were using the singular version of length units.
  • Fixed an issue where truncation occurred for Scene details in Spanish.
  • Fixed several incorrect localized language translations.
  • The Swedish localized version has been re-translated. If you are a Swedish customer, please take a look at the new translations.
  • Addressed an issue to distinguish between Education (EDU) trial licenses and Commercial trial licenses in the Welcome Window licensing tab.
  • (Win) Updated a date reference in the error message thrown when entering an invalid classic license.
  • We have upgraded our Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) to version 88.
  • Fixed an issue where clipping could occur in large models when working at the edge of the model's extents.
  • Fixed an issue where after configuring a Live Component, the thumbnail in the Components Browser did not reflect its current state.
  • Fixed an issue where, after making a component unique, the definition name of the original component was suggested as the pre-filled file name in the Save As dialog. Now, when a component is made unique, the Save As dialog will suggest the unique definition name as a pre-filled file name.
  • Fixed an issue so that SketchUp applies the default material to objects when the Import Materials option is unchecked.
  • Fixed a problem where Outliner changed size depending on the entities selected.
  • Improved draw-time performance of Live Component configuration once the configuration panel has already loaded
  • Fixed the meaning of a label by renaming the Use Background Color checkbox to Override Fog Color.
  • Fixed an issue where an “Internal Error” dialog could pop up when using various Ruby plugins.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where renaming a Tray by changing case failed.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where duplicate templates would show in the Welcome Window.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the active thumbnail in the component browser did not update when editing a component.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem to ensure the removal of unused webhelper processes.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where inserting a 3D Warehouse model into the current model, then choosing "no" from the options dialog, causes the model to not be inserted and the user is presented with the option to save the model as a separate .skp file.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the Classifier dialog controls did not position properly in high dpi.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where .skp files created by SketchUp 2021 did not show thumbnails.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where Tags and Scenes were not displayed properly when downloading from Trimble Connect.
  • (Mac) Fixed the “Make Component” button tooltip.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue when dragging an image in “Customize Toolbar” where the cursor would display offset on BigSur.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the Entity Info dialog could shrink when cycling between entity types.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue to allow applying a style when changing scenes.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the 3D Warehouse tooltip did not display correctly when mousing-over the icon in the 'Large Tool Set.'

Known Issues

  • When doing a minor version upgrade to SketchUp 2021.1 (from 2021.0 or 2021.0.1) you will be signed out and will need to sign in again after the upgrade is complete. The fix for this issue will take effect on the next minor release after 2021.1.

LayOut Release Notes

Bug fixes / small features added

Zoom Extents
  • We have improved Zoom Extents so that all created or pasted geometry will now display. Now if you Draw, Move or Copy geometry that goes outside current page size, Zoom Extents will display that geometry.
  • Stability
    • Fixed an issue where Vector or Hybrid renders could take a long time to render and extra lines could display when exporting to .pdf.
    • Fixed an issue where invalid dimensions would cause a crash when opening LayOut.
    • Fixed an issue where creating a label then Move and Copy then multiple or divide caused LayOut to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where the scene properties would not carry over to LayOut when the "Properties to Save" checkboxes were unchecked in SketchUp's Scenes dialog.
    • Fixed an issue where the Tag Scale or Width would hold an edited value when canceled.
    • Fixed an issue where the scale of the viewport was not being set when importing a metric AutoCAD file.
    • Fixed an issue where the SketchUp Model viewport would not scale when the viewport was changed.
    • Fixed an issue with Export to DWG so that non-grouped text and tables both now show up on the layer they originated from.
    • Fixed an issue where the text and dimension text did not show up when exporting to raster images.
    • Added a context menu for editing a Group, Dimension, Label, Path or Table.
    • Fixed an issue when a Custom Scale has been assigned to a SketchUp model viewport, that the viewport could display the incorrect scale.
    • Fixed an issue where the translation to Japanese for 'Ortho' checkbox in the SketchUp model panel was improperly translated.
    • Fixed an issue where strings in the toolbar menu would not display the correct string for other regions with the English language.
    • (Win) Fixed an issue where Sketchup Viewport magnification would not retain changes when altering magnification settings.
    • (Win) Fixed an issue where the minimum size of the SketchUp Model Inspector would not dynamically update.
    • (Win) Fixed an issue so dialogs perform as expected after modifying regional settings.
    • (Win) Fixed an issue where the Sign In account in the toolbar could get out of sync with the Help menu.
    • (Win) Fixed an issue where the SketchUp Model inspector would be in the collapsed state upon startup.
    • (Win) Fixed an issue when exporting to PDF or images the correct number of pages was not exported.
    • (Win) Fixed an issue where the 'untagged' tag was not translated for non-english languages in LayOut.
    • (Mac) For speed improvements, now all imported PDF's are converted to a tiff file vs. constantly converting it to vector.
    • (Mac) Fixed an issue where when Printing or editing Page Setup would display the previous page size and not the document's current size.
    • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the model would crash when 'Tabloid template' ranges for max and min were out of range.
    • (Mac) Fixed an issue when dragging an entity from the Scrapbook, the preview would display upside down.
    • (Mac) Fixed a problem where exported PDF files were extremely large on Mac.
    • (Mac) Fixed a problem where the text in the SketchUp Model inspector dropdown was slightly obstructed.

    SketchUp API Release Notes

    Improvements to UV Mapping - Ruby and C API

    There has always been a gap in the API around projected materials. We've added new methods to make it possible to set projected textures. See the API docs for further information regarding how to use these new API features.

    C API Additions and Improvements

    • Added SUMaterialWriteToFile()
    • Added SUModelLoadMaterial()
    • Added SUFaceGetUVTileAt()
    • Added SUFaceIsTexturePositioned()
    • Added SUFaceIsTextureProjected()
    • Added SUFaceGetTextureProjection()
    • Added SUFaceClearTextureProjection()
    • Added SUFacePositionMaterial()
    • Added struct SUMaterialPositionInput
    • Added SUGeometryInputFaceSetFrontMaterialByPosition()
    • Added SUGeometryInputFaceSetBackMaterialByPosition()
    • Changed SUEntitiesFill such that it will apply a textured material to faces even if the
    • SUMaterialInput or SUMaterialPositionInput have no UV coordinates. In this case the material will be applied similar to how SUFaceSetFrontMaterial/SUFaceSetBackMaterial behaves.
    • Added SUModelGetBehavior()
    • Added SUModelSetBehavior()
    • Added SUEdgeReversedInFace()
    • Added SUCurveIsPolygon()
    • Added struct SUEntitiesParent
    • Added SUEntitiesGetParent()
    • Added SUEntitiesGetActiveSectionPlane()
    • Added SUEntitiesSetActiveSectionPlane()
    • Added SUImageGetDefinition()
    • Deprecated SUImageGetName()
    • Deprecated SUImageSetName()

    Bug fixes/ Additional Improvements

    • Fixed SUGroupGetDefinition() not returning SU_ERROR_OVERWRITE_VALID when trying to overwrite a valid reference.
    • Fixed SUEntityGetNumAttributeDictionaries() such that it returns a count that matches what SUEntityGetAttributeDictionaries() will actually return.
    • Fixed crash in SUImageGetImageRep() when Image lacks a texture.

    Ruby API Additions and Improvements

    Upgrade Ruby to 2.7.2

    For SketchUp 2021.1 we have upgraded the version of Ruby that we ship with SketchUp from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2.

    Notable bug-fix in Ruby 2.7.2 is correcting a bug that prevented profiling tools such as ruby-prof from reporting correct results. ( Now you can use SpeedUp with SketchUp 2021.1 to profile your extensions.

    Improvements to HtmlDialogs

    We improved the UI::HtmlDialog class by working on a number of bugs and feature requests reported to us in our GitHub API Issue Tracker project. We made setting the dialog focus to be more consistent across Window and Mac platforms, as well as adding the ability to set focus back to the SketchUp window. We also added some missing getters for window size and position, and we made it possible to set the window size based on the size of the HTML content, instead of the outer frame. This way you don't need to worry about the window padding that might be added by different systems, you can set the window size based on the size of your content and SketchUp will size the outer frame correctly.

    CEF Upgrade to Version 88

    We worked to upgrade the internal version of Chromium Embedded Framework that we ship. We are now using CEF 88. This affects all of the HtmlDialog class HTML windows. To help make it easier to check what CEF version is active inside of SketchUp, we also added two new Ruby constants to help quickly identify the embedded CEF and Chromium versions.

    PolygonMesh Speed Improvements

    Geom::PolygonMesh is now faster when looking up points in large meshes. This also improves performance when adding points to large meshes. Note that the mesh needs to be created with an estimated total number of points for this performance improvement to kick in. The lookup of points for large meshes are now O(logN) instead of O(N^2).

    Ruby Console Improvements
    • The Ruby Console now remembers its visibility between sessions.
    • The Ruby Console was moved from the Windows menu to the new Developer menu.
    • Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.1.1k
    • Upgraded CEF (used by UI::HtmlDialog) to version 88.
    • Added method UI::HtmlDialog#get_position
    • Added method UI::HtmlDialog#get_size
    • Added method UI::HtmlDialog#get_content_size
    • Added method UI::HtmlDialog#set_content_size
    • Added method Sketchup.focus
    • Added constant UI::HtmlDialog::CEF_VERSION
    • Added constant UI::HtmlDialog::CHROME_VERSION
    • Added method Sketchup::Face#clear_texture_projection
    • Added method Sketchup::Face#texture_positioned?
    • Added method Sketchup::Face#texture_projected?
    • Added method Sketchup::Face#uv_tile_at
    • Added method overload to Sketchup::Face#position_material allowing projected materials to be applied.
    • Added method Sketchup::DefinitionList#import
    • Added method Sketchup::Group#glued_to
    • Added method Sketchup::Group#glued_to=
    • Added method Sketchup::Image#glued_to
    • Added method Sketchup::Image#glued_to=
    • Added method overload to Sketchup::ComponentInstance#glued_to= allowing to glue to groups images, and components.
    • Increased display time for UI::Notification to 10 seconds.
    • Add a separator when a menu is added for the first time to a top level menu. This creates a visual distinction between built-in menus and that of extensions.
    • Added support for adding submenus to the Developer menu.

    Ruby API Bug Fixes

    • Fixed crash when passing invalid parameters to Sketchup::Model#drawing_element_visible?
    • Fixed UI::HtmlDialog#bring_to_front on Mac, such that calling the method sets focus on the HtmlDialog. This makes the behavior of the method consistent with that on Windows.
    • Fixed UI::HtmlDialog#set_size and UI::HtmlDialog#set_position on Windows, such that calling the methods doesn't set the focus on the HtmlDialog. This makes the behavior of the method consistent with that on Mac.
    • Fixed UI::HtmlDialog#set_can_close Mac implementation so that the callback provided can properly prevent the window from closing.
    • Fixed crash in Sketchup::Image#image_rep when the Image lacks a texture.
    • Add link to licensing API example in API docs.
    • Fixed UI.show_model_info not showing the chosen page on Mac.
    • Fixed UI.show_model_info not supporting English page names on localized build on Mac.
    • Prevent UI::Notification from being garbage collected for as long as it has notifications open. This would previously cause a crash when the notification was assigned to a local variable.
    • Fixed crash that could occur when creating multiple Layout::SketchUpModel objects that refer to the same underlying SketchUp file, where hidden entities were tracked by one or more scenes.
    • Leaving SketchUp::Face.set_texture_projection in for one more release. Next release it will be removed. This API functionality was always broken. If you used this method, migrate to the new API methods for projected textures.

    Bug fixes/ Additional Improvements

    • Update C API Documentation with better information on how to link against the SDK binaries.
    • Fixed GUID not being regenerated when component definition is edited
    • Fixed Crash when Sketchup::Materials#load given relative file path on Windows.
    • Removed restrictions on some deprecated C APIs to allow them to load models with a more recent SketchUp version than the SDK.