Bug Splat in LayOut

BugSplat (www.bugsplatsoftware.com) is a third-party software application that is integrated in LayOut to help improve the quality of the product. BugSplat helps us troubleshoot unrecoverable LayOut errors or crashes. BugSplat provides a mechanism for you to send information about all crashes to us for troubleshooting.

In the rare event that LayOut crashes, you see a dialog box that gives you the option to send us the information regarding the crash. If you decide to send the information, the following details are collected:

  • Your version of the LayOut executable
  • Your language setting, such as English
  • A stack trace of the bug that enables us to see the exact line of code where LayOut crashed
  • A list of LayOut code dependencies
  • (optional) Your name and email address
  • (optional) A description of what you were doing before the crash

Note: On the BugSplat Software website, you can find a security statement that assures BugSplat clients that the information on our crashes (e.g., how many we have, and so on) is protected. The preceding information is all that we collect.

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