SketchUp Desktop 2021.1.1

SketchUp Pro 2021.1.1
21.1.299 Win 64-bit
21.1.298 Mac 64-bit

SketchUp Release Notes

  • Fixed a security vulnerability.
  • Fixed issue when double clicking on tag add button caused a crash.
  • Fixed issue where assigning two objects that are on different tags, to a non-existent tag, causes a crash.
  • Fixed issue where installation of extensions with submenus could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue where using the Follow Me tool on a reversed face could cause a crash.

LayOut Release Notes

  • (Win) Fixed an issue where indented text would result in incorrect font height in a PDF export.

SketchUp API Release Notes

  • Fixed issue with global SketchUp object in HtmlDialogs.
  • Fix YARD documentation bugs.