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What’s in SketchUp Studio

We have a few exciting new updates designed to transform your professional Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) workflows. Highlights from our release include:

  • V-Ray for SketchUp (Windows-only as part of SketchUp Studio subscription): Generate real-time and photorealistic renders of your designs. V-Ray 5 includes access to V-Ray Vision (V-Ray’s real-time rendering engine), ray-traced renders, Chaos Cosmos (V-Ray’s content library), and Chaos Cloud (V-Ray’s cloud rendering service).
    • Auto-generate a range of lighting options in just a few clicks. No expert lighting knowledge needed.
    • Achieve global illumination, rendered lines, natural and artificial lighting features.
    • Access to 20 cloud credits via Chaos Cloud, V-Ray’s cloud rendering service.
    • Access to a robust 3D content library (Chaos Cosmos) full of render-ready content that you can download into your design.
    • → Access V-Ray Help Articles
  • Scan Essentials (Windows-only): Bring point cloud data into SketchUp.
  • Removing Sefaira from SketchUp Studio: Don’t worry, Sefaira is still a part of the family of SketchUp products, but it is no longer offered within a professional Studio subscription. It is available for purchase as a standalone product for team and enterprise-based accounts and will remain available as part of the SketchUp Studio for Higher Education subscription.

What’s included in SketchUp Studio?

  • SketchUp Pro
  • V-Ray for SketchUp
  • Scan Essentials
  • LayOut
  • StyleBuilder
  • PreDesign
  • Add Location
  • Extension Warehouse
  • 3D Warehouse
  • XR Viewer
  • Mobile Viewer
  • Trimble Connect Business
  • SketchUp for Web

Check out our blog post for more details about these exciting new products!

Studio Feature FAQs

We’ve pulled some frequently asked questions around features in SketchUp Studio. You can also search for your question and/or post your question on SketchUp’s online community forum. Our forum is lively, real-time, and very informative. To get started, please visit the following page: (requires Trimble login).


What is offered in a Studio subscription?

SketchUp Pro, SketchUp for Web, Trimble Connect Business, Scan Essentials, V-Ray, LayOut, Extension Warehouse, 3D Warehouse, Mobile Viewer, XR Viewer, PreDesign, StyleBuilder, unlimited Trimble Connect cloud storage.

What’s the difference between a SketchUp Studio subscription and a SketchUp Studio for Higher Education subscription?

SketchUp Studio for commercial use includes V-Ray and Scan Essentials, and no longer includes Sefaira. SketchUp Studio for Higher Education includes Sefaira, but does not include V-Ray and Scan Essentials.

Is Studio a Windows-only offering?

The SketchUp Studio subscription will offer V-Ray 5 and the Scan Essentials as Windows-only features.

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp: Real-time & Photorealistic rendering

V-Ray 5 for SketchUp offers high-quality rendering options for your SketchUp models. Add global illumination, natural and artificial lighting, reflective coatings, shadows, and much more to your designs. Other features include real-time rendering capabilities with V-Ray Vision, Chaos Cosmos for curated, render-ready 3D content, and access to Chaos Cloud.

Chaos Cloud

Render in the cloud with Chaos Cloud. For new SketchUp Studio subscribers, please note that we're including 20 Chaos Cloud credits to get you started within the first 90 days of your subscription purchase so you can decide if it's valuable for your workflow. The 90-day period begins when your subscription is assigned to an end-user. If you’re an existing Studio subscriber the 90-day period begins immediately. Cloud credits do not transfer to other users. These credits are not available in a trial or at renewal. To purchase more Chaos Cloud credits, you will need to navigate to the Chaos website. To purchase more credits and view purchasing options, click here. To review the full terms of Chaos Cloud, click here.

Scan Essentials (Windows only)

Import and view point clouds directly in SketchUp via the Scan Essentials extension. This extension lets you import point cloud data from terrestrial scans, mobile mapping, photogrammetry, lidar sensors, and drone captures. Once you’ve imported your data, you can model directly on it via SketchUp’s native toolbox. Other features include:

  • LayOut integration
  • Inspection Tool
  • Move data / Rotate Tool
  • Point Cloud Manager
  • Clipping Box
  • A toolbar to create section views
  • The ability to align scan data with your model

Licensing & Access

How long will the Studio subscription be priced at $699?

This promotion will end on July 30, 2021. Please note that $699 is for one purchased subscription term only and cannot be applied to subsequent purchases.

How do I upgrade from SketchUp Pro to SketchUp Studio?

To upgrade your subscription, sign in to your account with your Trimble ID, navigate to Plan Settings, and click on your plan of choice. Once you click on the plan you would like to upgrade to, you will go through the regular purchasing process. Visual learner? Follow along in this video.

How can I access SketchUp Studio?

If you have a current SketchUp Studio subscription, you can download all of your products in your Trimble Account Management Portal (AMP). Please remember, SketchUp Studio is a Windows-only offering.

Can I try SketchUp Studio before I purchase?

Yes, anyone - even if you’ve purchased Shop or Pro - can try out the new features.

I am a current SketchUp Studio subscriber. What are my options?

If you already have a Studio subscription, you can access V-Ray and Scan Essentials now through your Trimble Account Management Portal. You also will continue to receive Sefaira as part of your subscription. Once your renewal term date hits, you can choose to remove or keep Sefaira in your subscription.

I have an active Studio subscription, and I see you’ve dropped the price. Can I get a rebate?

Contact sales to receive a rebate. Our standard refund and rebate policy apply.

How do I access V-Ray within my subscription?

You will need to download a separate Windows installer for V-Ray. You can find the V-Ray installer in your Trimble Account Management Portal under "My Products".

How do I access the Chaos Cosmos content library?

You can access 3D, render-ready content through the V-Ray toolbar. To download content, you must be signed in with your Trimble credentials associated with your entitlement.

How do I purchase more Chaos Cloud credits?

To purchase more Chaos Cloud credits, you will need to navigate to the Chaos website. To purchase more credits and view purchasing options, click here.

How do I access Scan Essentials within my subscription?

You will need to download the Windows extension through your Trimble Account Management Portal under "My Products". Once you click download, you will be redirected to Extension Warehouse where you will complete the downloading process.

Please note Scan Essentials is currently a Windows-only extension.

What if I have a Mac and I currently have Studio?

You can use any feature within this offering except for V-Ray 5 and Scan Essentials. These features only work on a Windows device. Since you can use your SketchUp subscription on two machines, you could benefit from Studio if one of these computers is a Windows computer.

Do I have to have a WindowsOS to run a render?

V-Ray is our photorealistic render of choice, but if that doesn’t work for you then you can purchase SketchUp Pro and the rendering engine that works best for your workflow. All rendering engines work well with SketchUp.

My SketchUp Studio application isn’t working, what should I do?
  • Make sure you are using the newest version of SketchUp Pro for Studio, and not an older version. You can download the most current version here.
  • Make sure your computer meets the Hardware and Software Requirements to run your version.
  • Still not working? Please document the issue (screenshots help) and contact support.
I'm having trouble installing the products in SketchUp Studio on my Mac Machine! Help!

Please remember that SketchUp Studio is recommended as a Windows-only product. You can find the hardware & software requirements at this link.

I'm having trouble installing all of the new products from SketchUp Studio 2021 on my Windows Machine! Help!
  • In File Explorer, navigate to the folder where your installer file is located. (This is usually the downloads folder)
  • Attach the InstallShield.log file to your bug report.

To contact support, fill out the form on this page.

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