Signing In to SketchUp

The first time you run SketchUp, you'll see the Welcome screen identifying, whether you're authorized or licensed. If you still have a Classic License, see below. If you're currently using a SketchUp Trial or if you have an active Subscription then you'll need to click "Sign In" to begin.

When you click "Sign In" a tab will be opened in your default browser, allowing you to sign in with your Trimble ID

If you start the sign in process, but then leave it inactive for 30 minutes then the token will expire and you'll need to start the sign in process again from within SketchUp.

Upon completion of the sign in you'll see a message indicating success that browser window, but also you'll see a change in state in the SketchUp Welcome Window as well

Once you're signed-in to SketchUp you’ll see a button in the SketchUp navigation bar at the top of the document window where you can Sign In or Out and manage your account. In addition to authorizing your subscription, signing in here will sign you into the Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse as well.

Once you’ve signed into SketchUp you’ll have the option to manage your license or Sign Out. If you choose to Manage your license you’ll see a new window:

If you have a subscription you’ll see whether it’s active or inactive here. You can click Manage Subscription to be taken to the Trimble Account Manager and either purchase a subscription or make changes to your existing subscription. You can learn more about the Trimble Account Manager here.

Authorizing SketchUp Pro with a Subscription

To see the authorization process explained, check out the video below:

Authorizing SketchUp Pro 2019 with a Subscription

Older Versions of SketchUp

Please note that the sign in functionality for SketchUp subscriptions is only available with SketchUp 2019 and newer. If you're using an older version of SketchUp you won't need to sign in.

SketchUp Classic License

There is also an option to manage a Classic License by clicking the left tab labeled “Classic.”

If you already have a Classic License you’ll see the option to remove the license, otherwise, if there is no classic license found then you’ll have the option to Add License in the same manner a license was applied in previous versions of SketchUp.

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