Tracing an Image

Tracing an image is an easy (and thus common) way to create a floorplan in SketchUp and then turn that plan into a 3D model. You can also trace an image to model a 2D design that you want to place somewhere in a 3D model. Whatever you’re trying to model, here’s how to start tracing an image:

  1. Import your image into SketchUp. The specific steps depend on the type of image you have. To start the import, select File > Import. Then navigate to and select the image you want to import.
  2. (Optional) Select Camera > Standard Views > Top to get a top view of your image. If you choose this step, also be sure to switch to Parallel Projection as well.
  3. Select a drawing tool to start tracing the image. The Line tool is a popular choice.

If precision is important to you, use a line in your model to scale the drawing.

In the following video, you see two examples of tracking an image to create a floorplan. The first example is a napkin sketch; the second is a drawing plan with precise measurements.