Temporary Outage We are currently experiencing system outages and expect to have everything up and running soon. - We'll do our best but we may be not be able get back to you as quickly as you're used to. Please expect some delay in responses.


If you encounter a problem that causes SketchUp to unexpectedly close, the BugSplat dialog box opens and invites you to send us an error report describing what happened just before SketchUp had to close. Please do send us the error report, and please include a description of what happened just before SketchUp had to close. This really helps us to track down and fix any problems that cause our software to close. Please be aware that you may not receive a response after submitting a BugSplat.

Check out the following common solutions in response to a BugSplat:
  • Update the driver for your graphics card.
  • Open the SketchUp file. Then copy and paste the geometry into a new SketchUp file.
  • Open the SketchUp file and select Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused.
  • Make sure that no unusual characters appear in Scene or Layer names.