Setting Up SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens

In addition to a Microsoft HoloLens device, setting up SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens requires the SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens app from the Microsoft Store. Technically, that's all you need to interact with and share your designs as holographic scale models.

With SketchUp Pro and the SketchUp Viewer AR/VR Extension, you can publish models to SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens directly from SketchUp. These apps aren't required but enhance the experience of viewing your models with a HoloLens.

Here's how to get started with each of these apps:

  • SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens: You add this application to your HoloLens device. To get SketchUp Viewer, launch the Microsoft Store from within your HoloLens device, search for “SketchUp,” and then purchase and install the SketchUp Viewer application.
  • SketchUp Pro: If you don’t have SketchUp installed on your desktop computer, you can download the software.
  • The SketchUp Viewer AR/VR Extension: After you have SketchUp, you need to install the SketchUp Viewer AR/VR extension from the Extension Warehouse. For an introduction to SketchUp extensions, see Getting Started in the Extension Warehouse. For details about installing an extension, see Adding Extensions to SketchUp.

    Tip: With this extension, you can publish models to the SketchUp Viewer moments after you finish modeling!  After you install the extension, see Publishing a Model to HoloLens from SketchUp for details how to use the extension.