Rotate Tool

SketchUp for iPad's Rotate tool () helps you manipulate your model by rotating selected geometry. When you activate the Rotate tool, the cursor transforms into a protractor.You can set a part of your model to appear at a specific angle, rotate your whole model around a fixed point, or even make an arrayed copy.

In SketchUp for iPad, the Rotate tool has the following optional tool modes:

  • Copy () - Creates a copy of what you would like to rotate, leaving the original geometry in place.
  • Inference Locks - Selecting one of these optional tool modes restricts rotation to a specific inference point:
    • Lock X () - The X axis or Red plane.
    • Lock Y () - The Y axis or Green plane.
    • Lock Z () - The Z axis or Blue plane.
    • Lock Parallel () - Parallel to a selection or the last line drawn.
Note: Inference Locks are one-time operations. Once you've drawn with an inference lock you'll revert back to the unmodified Rotate tool.

KeyboardShortcut: Pressing Q activates the Rotate tool.

iPad Input Methods for the Rotate Tool

You can use the Rotate tool in either Just Draw or Click-Move-Click mode when using the Pencil. All other input methods only use Click-Move-Click mode.

Tip: If you want to rotate a single face or group, you won't need to pre-select before rotating. However, rotating is easier when you select what you want to rotate before activating the Rotate tool.

Pencil - Activate the Rotate tool and any optional tool modes. How you rotate your geometry depends on what mode you are in:

  • Just Draw - Tap the Pencil where you want to center the rotation. Tap again and draw around your selection to rotate it.
  • Click-Move-Click - Long press where you want to center the rotation, then release. Move to the starting point and long press again. Rotate as desired then long press again to complete the operation.

All Other Input Methods - After activating the Rotate tool and any optional tool modes click or long press where you want to center the rotation. Move to your starting point and click or long press again. Rotate your geometry as desired.

Note: In all input methods you can use the Measurements box to enter a specific angle, or how many copies you would like to make when using the Copy optional tool mode.
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