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SketchUp Checkup

Actualmente la aplicación CheckUp solo está disponible en inglés.

To check whether your computer is compatible with SketchUp 2017 and will run the software as expected, try the SketchUp 2017 Checkup application. After you run this program on your computer, you find out whether your system meets all the requirements or what updates it needs in order to run SketchUp 2017 successfully.

To download the SketchUp 2017 Checkup application, visit the SketchUp Download page. Follow these steps to check your computer for SketchUp 2017 compatibility:

  1. Double-click the application file (SystemCheckup.exe) to run the application.
  2. In the SketchUp 2017 Checkup dialog box that appears, click the Run Checkup button. You see a progress bar while the application checks your system against the SketchUp 2017 requirements.
  3. When your results appear, as shown in the following figure, scroll through the list to identify any issues.
  4. Fix any issues that might prevent SketchUp 2017 from running smoothly on your computer. Or if your system passes all the checks, high-five yourself! Your computer is ready for SketchUp 2017.
  5. When you’re done checking your computer, click the Exit button.

Tip: After you make changes to your system, repeat these steps to make sure your changes enable SketchUp 2017 to run smoothly. If your system doesn’t meet the recommended conditions, SketchUp may not run, or may not run well.

To read about all the system requirements, check out the SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements page.

SketchUp 2017 Checkup can help you determine whether your system meets the system requirements for SketchUp 2017

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