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  • In LayOut, you can change the view of your model or its style settings right within the model entity. This timesaving feature enables you to make adjustments without endlessly switching back and forth between the SketchUp and LayOut applications, or having to redo even more complex processes that other presentation programs require so that your model presentation stays up to date. In the sections that follow, you find out how LayOut’s SketchUp Model panel and context menus make several SketchUp tools and features available right in LayOut.

  • To create a top-notch document or presentation, you need to draw the details precisely but also keep on eye on the document pages as a whole. To help you out, LayOut has the Zoom Tool () and Pan Tool (). You find these tools on the View menu, but because you’ll likely use them often, they’re also accessible with your mouse.

  • In Style Builder’s Preview pane, the default model preview shows off your styles as you add strokes to each set in the Sets pane. This aspect of previewing happens automatically, with no extra effort on your part. However, Style Builder also includes a few extra tools and features that enable to change your preview: