SketchUp Pro 2020 is here! If you are looking for your SketchUp Pro 2020 license, please visit our License Wizard. - If you have a SketchUp Pro subscription, you don't need a license, just sign in with your Trimble ID.
  • SketchUp now offers SketchUp Subscriptions based on the needs and budgets of our customers. You can read about each option below. If you pay for a SketchUp Pro subscription, your subscription is active for the term listed on your invoice. In most cases subscriptions are for one year.

  • SketchUp has grown and with that we've added new applications, new methods for licensing and Trimble ID to help keep them all connected.

  • With SketchUp Subscriptions, your authorization is tied to your Trimble ID. To authorize SketchUp you’ll install the latest version then on first run you’ll be prompted to sign in. Once you’ve signed in, SketchUp will sync with our subscription servers and activate the software.