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  • Drawing 3D models in SketchUp requires a lot of back and forth between your keyboard and mouse. As you become a more experienced SketchUp modeler, you develop a sense of what commands and tools you use most often and what you do and don’t like about the default keyboard and mouse settings.

  • Whether you love navigating an interface with keyboard shortcuts or just want to assign keyboard shortcuts to your favorite commands, the easiest way to create your own shortcuts is in LayOut’s Preferences dialog box, shown in the following figure.

  • Ready to start creating, editing, and viewing models in SketchUp for Web? This article explains what you need in order to start using SketchUp for Web, including the web-browser and device-support details. You also find a quick tour of the SketchUp for Web interface and details about what SketchUp for Web can and can’t do compared to its desktop-based sibling, SketchUp Pro.