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  • Since LayOut is a feature of SketchUp Pro, to access additional seats for LayOut you'll need to install additional seats for SketchUp Pro. For more information about licenses and prices visit the License types and pricing article. To purchase additional seats for an existing SketchUp Pro network license, please visit our Online store. For information about how to install additional seats of SketchUp Pro, click here.

  • Since LayOut is a feature of SketchUp Pro, it's covered by the SketchUp Pro license. When you install and authorize SketchUp Pro using your SketchUp Pro license, LayOut is also authorized. For more information about using your SketchUp Pro license information to authorize SketchUp Pro, click here.

  • If a crash occurs when you are not connected to the Internet, BugSplat displays a dialog box indicating that a zip file has been created on your local hard drive. This dialog box also indicates the name and location of the zip file (normally AtLastCrashMMDDYY_HHMMSS.zip in your Windows temporary directory). Go to http://www.bugsplatsoftware.com/post/post_form.php and follow the instructions on the Web page to send this file to BugSplat software when you reconnect to the Internet.

  • BugSplat (www.bugsplatsoftware.com) is a third-party software application that is integrated in LayOut to help improve the quality of the product. BugSplat helps us troubleshoot unrecoverable LayOut errors or crashes. BugSplat provides a mechanism for you to send information about all crashes to us for troubleshooting. In the rare event that LayOut crashes, you see a dialog box that gives you the option to send us the information regarding the crash. If you decide to send the information, the following details are collected:

  • The Problem

  • When an error occurs as you create documents in LayOut, the error reporting system, BugSplat, may ask you to send information. Also, LayOut occasionally has trouble rending hardware-accelerated vector graphics. The subarticles in this section introduce you to the BugSplat reporting system and what to do if you experience the vector graphics-rendering issue.

  • Creating a LayOut document is mostly about bringing content into your document. But if you ever want to reuse or update a document’s referenced content in another format or program (and you don’t have the original file or updated the content after you imported it into your document), you can extract any file that your document references.

  • Tip: Inserted SketchUp files can now contain Dashed Lines, to learn more about managing those new line types with inserted files, see Working with SketchUp Dashes in Imported Models After you work hard to create and polish a LayOut document, you want your document to go out into the world and make its mark. You can present your work on-screen, but that isn’t always enough.

  • If, like most people, you feel jittery about giving a presentation and public speaking in general, hopefully, LayOut’s simple-to-use, interactive presentation features can help to put you at ease. To access LayOut’s presentation features, select View > Start Presentation or click the Start Presentation tool () on the default toolbar. Your document becomes full screen, and you have access to the following presentation features:

  • In the LayOut Preferences dialog box, you can set global preferences for companion applications, backups, default folders, and more. To open the LayOut Preferences dialog box, select Edit > Preferences (Microsoft Windows) or LayOut > Preferences (Mac OS X). When you’re done selecting preferences options, click the Close button.