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  • A single-user license or sign-in subscription is associated with one person. That individual can install the license on up to 2 computers he or she is using, but only one computer can run SketchUp Pro at a particular time. To use your license or subscription on another computer, or transfer a classic license to a new computer, please note the following steps: If you have a classic license and you'll no longer be using it on that computer, remove your license from your current computer by following the steps in the How to Remove a License article.

  • PC In order to successfully install and authorize SketchUp Pro, you must first log in to Windows as a user who has either Administrator or Power User rights. Once successfully installed and authorized, SketchUp Pro requires a Windows profile with at least Power User permissions. You may need to contact your Help Desk or IT department to assist you with these changes.

  • To move a license file to a new server or shared folder:

  • Yes, there are quantity discounts available when purchasing multiple copies of SketchUp Pro at the same time. For more information, visit the "Buy" section of the SketchUp website at http://sketchup.com/.

  • What's the SketchUp Pro Statewide License Grant? What's SketchUp Pro? What's Google Earth? Who's eligible for the license grant? How do we apply? What types of licenses will we be receiving? How does SketchUp Pro lab licensing work? Is our license a perpetual or termed license? How long will it take for us to receive our license codes after we have filled out the requ

  • The only difference between educational licenses and commercial licenses is that educational licenses have an expiration date. Functionally, there's no difference at all - both licenses allow you to do exactly the same things in SketchUp. Because educational licenses expire, though, we're able to offer free version upgrades on educational licensees, and no maintenance fees. Commercial licenses never expire, but there is an additional cost to upgrade (or an additional cost when buying a new license), unless otherwise noted.

  • If you purchased or received your SketchUp Pro educational license from a reseller (the serial number does not end in -ALW or -alm), please contact the reseller for more information. If you purchased or received your SketchUp Pro education license from Trimble, then please contact us for assistance upgrading the license.

  • To order a new (or to renew) your SketchUp Pro educator license, contact your local reseller who will fulfill your request at no cost. In order to complete the license request, they will require proof of academic verification. Educator licenses expire one year from the date they were generated, and you can apply each year for a new license, so long as you are still an educator.

  • You can purchase either Single-user or Network licenses of SketchUp Pro for Windows or Mac. Network licenses have a 50 seat minimum for initial purchase.

  • This can happen if SketchUp is installed as opposed to SketchUp Pro. To correct this issue, we suggest downloading and installing the SketchUp Pro trial. For more assistance, click here. If you continue to encounter an issue, you may want to consider uninstalling SketchUp. For more information about uninstalling, please click here.