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  • Please note that SketchUp Web does not support Ruby scripting, there is no way to install and no need to manage Ruby scripts for this version. The Extension Warehouse

  • Note: At this time, there isn't a way to migrate the toolbar configuration between major versions of SketchUp. Windows Migrating Materials & Components in SketchUp (If you're migrating from SketchUp 2013) Navigate to the root folder in SketchUp 8 and older. This is typically,

  • For the most part, SketchUp extensions don’t require you to do much management. If you install a SketchUp extension through the Extension Warehouse, the extension and SketchUp work together pretty seamlessly. However, you might need to check on an extension or handle an issue once in a while. For example, here’s when the tips and steps in this article come in handy:

  • The Extension Warehouse and SketchUp were made to work together. In most cases, to add an extension on your local copy of SketchUp, you simply click the Install button on the extension details page and wait a moment while the software does the rest of the work. However, this magical installation process comes with a few caveats: