Ever hear yourself or a friend say, “I wish I could work from home all the time?” Those sentiments are legit, but we are now facing it as a reality. COVID-19 is a global crisis that has everyone working twice as hard to take care of themselves, their family, friends and still trying to do their jobs.

We’re in it with you! Our teams are currently working from home, doing the best we can to support our customers and trying not to skip a beat when it comes to giving you our best support. We may not be as rapid as we like to be, but we are here, being resilient and open to change as it comes our way. Please excuse our dust while we help you build in this brave new world.

Licensing, Accounts and Administration

SketchUp has grown and with that we've added new applications, new methods for licensing and Trimble ID to help keep them all connected.

If you're new to SketchUp and just want to get your software authorized and ready to use then you can sign up for one of the SketchUp Subscriptions or if you wish, we still have the option to purchase a SketchUp classic license. In either case, you'll need to have a Trimble ID to access all of the features or activate your license. We hope you'll take a moment to look at what our new Subscriptions have to offer and see which option works best for you.

If you're still considering how or what to purchase, or have questions then be sure to review our Sales questions or reach out to a Sales Representative to proceed.