New Add Location

New Add Location, a SketchUp Labs feature available for download in Extension Warehouse. is an extension that updates and improves the Add Location feature in SketchUp. 

New Add Location offers the following improvements: 

  • True North – A built-in arrow and other tools help you keep track of where true north is after importing geolocation data. 
  • Easier Workflows – Using large map areas or multiple imports has been simplified. 
  • Terrain Mesh Controls – Better optimize your imported imagery for detail or for speed. 
  • Improved Data Quality – Medium and large imports now provide higher quality terrain data. 
  • Separate Geolocation Workflow – A unique workflow for geolocating your models. 

New Add Location is available as an extension for SketchUp for Desktop. Download the new extension here. After you install the extension you can access these new features from the File menu or through a new toolbar icon.