SketchUp Diffusion offers settings that allow you to fine tune the results you see in your generated images. These settings can help strike the balance between Diffusion’s creativity and your dynamic SketchUp model. 

To access these settings, click or tap Settings, a dropdown menu that appears just below the available Styles Presets.

In Settings you will find two slider options – Respect Model Geometry and Prompt Influence. 

Respect Model Geometry

Respect Model Geometry specifies how the edges of the geometry in the original SketchUp model are respected. Using the slider you can choose from a range between 0 and 2. A value of 0 means the geometry in the original will be ignored and generated images will only consider text prompts. With a value of 2, the generated images will respect all of the original geometry and will not divert from that geometry. 

Prompt Influence

Prompt Influence controls how much influence your text prompts will have over the original viewport used to generate an image. Using the slider you can choose from a range between 0 and 20. A value of 0 disregards the text prompt while a value of 20 only focuses on the prompt, ignoring the original SketchUp viewport.

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