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Mixing Colors in the Color Picker

You’re most likely to encounter SketchUp’s color picker when you apply materials to a model. (However, you do find the color picker elsewhere, such as when selecting a color for text.) This article explains how to use the color picker for your current operating system.

Adding Colors and Textures with Materials

To add detail and realism to your models, SketchUp enables you to paint materials on faces. Materials are essentially paints that have a color and optional texture (defined within an image file).

Sticking a Photo or Texture to a Face

Have you ever stuck a decal on a window or a wall? In SketchUp, sticking an image on a face is even easier than those decals, because digital images don’t wrinkle or trap air bubbles.

Getting Started in SketchUp

When you first run SketchUp, the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box appears, as shown here. This dialog box is your starting point for creating a model and appears every time you start SketchUp (unless you deselect the Always show on startup check box).

Applying Styles

With LayOut’s Style tool (), you can sample the style settings applied to one entity and apply those same settings to another entity.

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