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Extruding with Follow Me

The SketchUp Follow Me tool () is the Pied Piper of 3D geometry: Follow Me leads a face along a path to create a 3D shape. The Follow Me tool does only one thing.

Modeling Specific Shapes, Objects, and Building Features in 3D

To create a 3D model in SketchUp, you’re constantly switching among the drawing tools, views, components, and organizational tools. In this article, you find several examples that illustrate ways you can use these tools together to model a specific shape or object.

Allowing users to contact me - 3D Warehouse

Your 3D Warehouse User Profile page includes a feature that gives you the option to allow other users to contact you directly, via the email address associated with your 3D Warehouse account. By default, this option is disabled. You can choose to enable it or disable it at any time.

Release Notes

Managing Your Extension Warehouse Profile and Account

Your Extension Warehouse account includes a public profile and a few email, notification, and other settings.

By default, your public profile shows only your user name and the number of extensions you’ve installed. However, you can add information about yourself and up to five links.

Offsetting a Line from Existing Geometry

When you create a 3D model, you often need to draw a slightly bigger or smaller version of a shape and keep the two shapes equidistant from each other. This is called offsetting a line. An offset is handy when

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