Retrieving your SketchUp Pro license information

To retrieve your SketchUp Pro license information, please note the steps below. Please be aware if you purchased your license through a reseller, we recommend contacting the reseller to retrieve the license.

  1. Add "[email protected]" to your email contacts list.
  2. Go to our Resend license page. If you no longer have your serial number, you can click "Help Me Find My Serial Number" to see where it's located on your system, or you can request help locating it by entering the email address associated with the license.
  3. Enter your most recent serial number. If you still have SketchUp Pro installed, you can find this number by browsing to Help (SketchUp on a Mac) > License > License Info.
  4. Click the "Resend" link. The license will be resent to the email address associated with the license.
Tip: If you don't receive an email with your license, please check your email's Spam or Junk folders.