SketchUp Desktop 2021.0.1

SketchUp Pro 2021.0.1
21.0.391 Win 64-bit
21.0.392 Mac 64-bit

SketchUp Release Notes

  • Fixed a crash using the Follow Me tool manually following a path to the start point of an entity.
  • Fixed an issue where a component could not be saved and then saved again with a different name.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent certain large files from being opened when saved in SketchUp 2021.
  • Fixed an issue where section cut planes would remain visible when the associated geometry was hidden via a Tag Folder.
  • (Mac) Fixed a crash when logged in as a non-admin then accessing the Colors palette.

LayOut Release Notes

  • Improved performance when inferencing to SketchUp models. This included moving, copying and rotating entities as well as dimensioning and drawing on top of SketchUp model viewports.
  • (Win) Fixed a crash that could occur when closing LayOut.