SketchUp Desktop 2019.1

Released: April 8th, 2019

19.1.174 (Win 64-bit)
19.1.173 (Mac 64-bit)

SketchUp Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the classic and trial licensing information displayed to the user in the Welcome Window could be confusing. Specifically:
    • When a user enters a classic license alongside an active SketchUp trial, they are still be eligible to try other products in the Studio bundle.
    • The licensing panel now defaults to the Classic tab if the user has entered a Classic license.
    • If the user has entered a Classic license, we no longer show trial expiration text in the upper right corner of the Files panel.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting using AutoCAD 2018 file format would create a "Student Version" plot stamp for both SketchUp and LayOut when the file was opened in AutoCAD 2019.
  • Fixed an issue where text would not export with a 2D DWG/DXF export.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-save files did not persist on the Mac after a reboot or shutdown.
    • On Windows, recovered files are now saved here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles
    • On the Mac, recovered files are now saved here: ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/working/SKETCHUP/Recovered Files
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where models would open slowly with the Materials dialog expanded.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the Add License button was not working for Windows OS usernames having an apostrophe.

LayOut Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where LayOut could crash when opening a file. This was caused by corrupt paths not being removed when they were detected.

SketchUp API Release Notes

  • Fixed the accepted types for the "point" in entities.add_text
  • Fixed for VERSION_2019
  • Fixed crash when rendering_options["RenderMode"] = 4