Bulk Uploading and Managing Members in your Trimble Account

Instead of entering each member and then assigning member roles and product access one by one, Account Owners and Company Admins can automate the process through the Bulk Upload and Bulk Change options.

A Role is what determines the capabilities a person has under your account. See the Account Management article for a full description of each Role. Product Access is simply which products are provided to a particular user. Someone does not have to have a “Product User” role to be assigned a product.

To Bulk-Add Users into the Trimble Account Management Portal:

  1. First, make sure you select the correct organization (company) account when you sign in. If you don’t see the seats purchased under My Products, and need to switch between Organization accounts after making your initial choice in the welcome screen, you can click on the account name in the upper left to see a drop-down of the other options.

  2. Under the Members page, click on Add New Users in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the Bulk Add (.csv) option.
  4. Click Download template.csv to access the CSV template.
  5. Open the CSV file in any CSV editor (Google Sheets, MS Excel, etc).
  6. Enter the user details in the required format: Email, First Name, Last Name, and save the file in a .csv format. Please only add 200 users or less at a time.
  7. Click Upload .csv file and select your edited file. Please note that it can take several minutes to add the maximum number of users.

    You may see a message listing errors to fix. You can also skip fixing them and continue with the entries that are ready to go.

  8. Select the preferred Role and Product Access for the uploaded users. Generally, you’d choose Product User, and then promote a few users to higher roles later through the edit menu for each user on the Members page, or through the Bulk Change options later in this article.

    • A Product will be disabled if there are not enough seats available to assign to newly added users. You can always assign the products manually, later.
    • The Account Owner role will be disabled for Bulk Add, as only one Account Owner is allowed per account.
    • The Secondary Account Owner role will be disabled if any of the added users are an Account Owner or Secondary Account Owner in other accounts.
    • The Secondary Account Owner role will not be shown if the logged-in user is a Company Admin.
  9. Click Save.

Bulk Changes

You can assign the Roles and the Product Access at the time of initial upload, or later.

To change Roles and Product Access later, go to the Members page and select the members using the master checkbox or individual member checkboxes. Then select the Bulk Actions menu and choose either Change Role, Modify Product Access, or Remove Users.

Check or uncheck the products to assign/unassign, select the desired member Role, or select the members to remove, and Save the changes. The members will receive an email notifying them of the changes, and a link to their My Products page with access to their assigned product.

Handy Tip: Notice the grip-dots in the right side of the Modify Product Access image above? If you’d like to move a user to a seat with a different expiration date, you can drag and drop users to fill the different seats.

  • If you have more members selected than there are products available, then it won’t let you assign the product. Exit that menu, select fewer members, and then you’ll be able to bulk edit the Modify Product Access.
  • The Account Owner Role will be disabled for Bulk Changes. Only one primary Account Owner is allowed per account.
  • The Secondary Account Owner Role is only an option for customers who purchased from our website. If you have purchased via a Partner or Distributor, this role will not be available to you.
  • Company Admins cannot assign or unassign a Role higher than Company Admin.
  • Members with the Role of Product User do not have a Members page when they log into their account. They only will see the “My Products” page showing their assigned Products.

There are some current limitations around assigning the roles of Secondary Account Owner or with a replacement primary Account Owner. If you encounter issues with those assignments, please contact our Support team.

For other account management instructions, including how to make changes for individual users, please refer to the main Trimble Account Subscription Management article.