Migrating Extensions to a New Computer or Version of SketchUp

Whether you’ve upgraded your computer or your copy of SketchUp, you need to migrate your extensions.

If you upgraded from SketchUp 2013 or earlier, you need to check for Ruby 2.0 compatibility. In SketchUp 2014, the SketchUp extension API was upgraded to Ruby 2.0 standards, giving developers a shiny platform for creating SketchUp tools. As a result, many plugins that worked in previous versions of SketchUp no longer work in SketchUp 2014 or later. However, many plugin developers have updated their plugins to be compatible with newer versions of SketchUp.

Tip: To migrate extensions from SketchUp 2014 or later to a new computer, simply sign in to the Extension Warehouse, select My Extensions from the user menu, and click the Install All option.

If you’re upgrading from SketchUp 2013 or earlier and need to check for Ruby 3.0 compatibility, follow these steps to ensure any SketchUp extensions that you need work well with your new, upgraded version of SketchUp:

  1. Sign in to the Extension Warehouse via your new copy of SketchUp, and select My Extensions from the user menu. Compatible extensions are grouped together at the top of the My Extensions tab, and you can check the extension details page for specific compatibility information. Clicking Install All is the easiest way to add these extensions to your new version of SketchUp.
  2. Install a noncompatible extension via Extension Warehouse. A noncompatible extension might work or trigger load errors. If the extension causes load errors, you can simply uninstall it, as explained in the preceding section, Updating, uninstalling, and disabling extensions.
  3. Manually install any .rbz files that aren’t available in the Extension Warehouse. To ensure you have the most current version of an extension’s .rbz file, return to the extension’s source and download a new copy of the file.
  4. Contact extension authors directly to find out if they have any updates to their extensions. If you have a plugin that used a custom installer (that is, you double-clicked a file that installed the plugin), you also need to contact the plugin developer for specific instructions about updating the extension.

Note: Copying your extension folder to a new computer or from one version of SketchUp to another is not recommended and could cause compatibility issues.