Exceeded number of allowed users for network license

This message will appear when the total instances of SketchUp Pro running is more than the total number of seats available for the license. Let's say, for example, you have a three-seat network license and three instances of SketchUp Pro are running. This message will appear when someone tries to launch a fourth instance of SketchUp Pro. To purchase additional network seats please visit our online store.

For SketchUp 6, this error message is EZTRIAL1 EXCEEDED Users

However, if you're encountering this message before the maximum number of instances is reached, there may be an issue with the license counting files. We recommend the following steps to address this issue:

  1. Close all instances of SketchUp Pro.
  2. Navigate to the shared folder that contains the "SketchUp#.lf" license file.
  3. Delete all files that begin with the word "sema."

Please note, if you have several license files (SketchUp5.lf, SketchUp6.lf, SketchUp7.lf, etc...) for different versions of SketchUp Pro in the same folder, we recommend creating separate folders for each license file. Click here for assistance moving a license file to a different folder.

Please note that if you have a SketchUp Pro network license, all machines must be running the current version of SketchUp Pro.

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