[Error] Another instance of SketchUp using the same license is running on this network.

This error message can occur if your computer appears to be on the network more than once (in other words, it appears on the network under multiple IP addresses). The most common cause of this is that your computer has both a wired and wireless local area connection. It's easy to check whether this is the case and, if it is, to correct it:

  1. Open the "Start" menu.
  2. Point at "All Programs," and then at "Accessories."
  3. Click "Command Prompt."
  4. In the Command Prompt dialog box, type "ipconfig/all," and then press Enter.
  5. All active connections are displayed, including the IP addresses they are using. If there is more than one, you must temporarily disable one of the connections.
  6. Open the "Start" menu.
  7. Click "Control Panel."
  8. Click "Network and Internet Connections."
  9. Click "Network Connections."
  10. Right-click one of the connections, and then click "Disable." Typically, you'll want to disable the wireless connection. You should now be able to authorize and start SketchUp.

This issue can also be caused by virtual machine software (for example, VMware), some FireWire devices, some Web cameras, and some Internet Service Provider software. In these cases, please close the conflicting software or unplug the conflicting hardware when using SketchUp.

Please note that if you have a SketchUp Pro network license, all machines must be running the current version of SketchUp Pro.

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