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Drupal 8 Changes
  • Important: Look at the Aliases rules below. One is a new important part to allow EN lang fallback to work.
  • "Book Page" is the new "KB Article"
  • Language and Article ID have been added to the content filters and content display on the Content Admin page
HTML Notes
  • Don't use <h1> in content sections.
  • <lh> is deprecated. Use a header before the list.
  • Table of Contents should follow the example in the styleguide
  • If you feel the need to use style attributes, let us know, so that we can instead provide a class that incorporates it into the site's style system.
  • When writing "id"s for anchors, add a class "anchor" so that we can adjust for the height of the header.
  • Write [thing] instead of <thing> because our translation parser gets confused.
  • Think of <p> tags like <h1> tags. You can add spans/divs, but you can't put <ul> tags in <h1> tags. Same rules with <p>
  • We'll be FTPing all Images to the site until we can get Drupal Components integrated into the process.
URL Aliases
  • [IMPORTANT] For now, if you make a new page, you must go to URL Aliases and set the new node's Alias' language to be "None". We will be doing our best to find a way around this manual step in the future.
  • Don't do href="123". Instead href="/article/123"
  • Leave off the language code, so /article/123, not /de/article/123
  • Leave language codes off of links