Commenting in 3D Warehouse

Commenting is the backbone of the Community — it’s a communication channel that gives 3D Warehouse users the ability to support and learn from one another.

Here are some things you might want to know about 3D Warehouse’s commenting features:

  1. To comment, sign in using your Trimble ID. 
  2. You can add a new comment, reply to an existing one, edit your comments, or delete your comments.
  3. Comments are enabled for every model by default. Disable commenting for any model on its Edit page. 
  4. Turning on Notifications will help you stay up to date on conversations. You can manage notification preferences from Edit Profile. To learn more about managing your notification preferences, please read Managing Your 3D Warehouse Notification Preferences.
  5. If you find that a comment is offensive or abusive, click the Flag icon to alert our community moderators. Flagged comments will then be reviewed.

Comment threads usually benefit from a degree of decorum. We hope you’ll engage in discussions that make 3D Warehouse an interesting and helpful place – and avoid those conversations that do not.

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