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Using the Catalog Browser

The catalog browser allows you to easily browse the content of the product manufacturers on 3D Warehouse. Many of our top product manufacturers have uploaded high-quality content representing real-world products. Couches, faucets, refrigerators, coffee tables, office furniture, and much more from your favorite companies can be found on 3D Warehouse.

Many of these companies have links to their catalog pages right on the front page of our site. To access a catalog page, simply click the company's logo on the front page.

3D Warehouse front page catalog ads

Once you've landed on a catalog page, you'll know because you'll see the catalog badge (catalog browser icon) to the right of the catalog title. Click this icon to open the catalog browser.

Opening the catalog browser

The catalog browser will slide in from the left side of the page. Each entry in the catalog browser represents either a collection of the manufacturer's products, or a specific product (SketchUp model).

The Catalog Browser

To navigate a manufacturer's catalog:

  • Click a collection entry to expand/contract the collection and see what's inside.

    A Collection Entry

  • Click a product entry to load the model details page for that product.

    A Product Entry

  • NOTE: Loading a product page will cause the catalog browser to close. To re-open the catalog browser, simply click the catalog badge (catalog browser icon) on any product page.
  • The catalog browser will save your place so you can easily return to browsing the same products and collections from any page within the catalog. The browser indicates the currently-selected model by highlighting the entry in red.
  • To search for models or collections within the manufacturer's catalog, simply type your search term into the search box at the top of the catalog browser. Press enter (return) to see a list of the manufacturer's products and collections, filtered by your search term.

    Searching a catalog

Happy browsing!

If you are a product manufacturer who would like to enable the catalog browser (or any other premium features) for your 3D Warehouse account, contact the Sales team for the 3D Warehouse and manufacturers.


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