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Sharing a Product Catalog

In the 3D Warehouse, catalogs showcase your products. With a yearly manufacturer subscription to the 3D Warehouse catalog features, your company can designate a collection as a catalog and then access the following:  

  • Custom branding: Upload a custom banner image that brands your 3D Warehouse models and collection pages. You link the banner to any URL from your company’s website. See Creating a Catalog.
  • Home page visibility: You can increase your catalog’s visibility by paying to promote your catalog on the 3D Warehouse home page. With this option, you catalog appears on the featured catalog strip.
  • Easy end-user navigation: With the catalog browser, users can browse and search your products in the context of your catalog, as shown in the following figure. For details, check out Finding and Navigating Catalogs.
  • Efficient content management: With the bulk content manager tools, you can efficiently manage the content you’ve uploaded to 3D Warehouse. Uploading Catalog Content explains how to use these tools.
  • Insightful analytics: See user metrics for the catalog as a whole and gain insights about specific collections and models. Checking Catalog Analytics introduces the 3D Warehouse analytics features.

To add the catalog features to your 3D Warehouse collections, contact the Sales team for the 3D Warehouse and manufacturers.

The 3D Warehouse catalog features showcase your companys products

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