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Creating a User Account and Signing In

You can search, download, and share models from 3D Warehouse without an account. But you do need an account to keep track of your favorite models, create collections, interact with other modelers via comments, or upload a model to 3D Warehouse.

Your 3D Warehouse account is based on a Google Account. Here’s what you need to know about getting started with a Google Account for 3D Warehouse:

  • If you already have a Google Account (that is, you use Gmail, Google Docs, or another Google service that requires a Google Account), you can use that account with 3D Warehouse, too.
  • If you don’t have a Google Account, creating one is free and easy to do. For details about Google Accounts, see Google Support.
Tip: If you'll be using this 3D Warehouse account for a company you may wish to create a shared login for anyone on the team to use.

After you have a Google Account, you simply sign in to 3D Warehouse:

  1. Click the Sign In link at the top of 3D Warehouse interface.
  2. When you see the prompt, enter your Google Account user name and password. After you’re signed in, where the Sign In link used to appear (right next to the Search box), you see your user menu with your Google Account name and profile photo.

If you access 3D Warehouse through SketchUp, you see a different user menu than if you access 3D Warehouse through a web browser:

  • In SketchUp, the user menu has options for managing your 3D Warehouse activity, creating collections, and editing your profile. However, you don’t see an option for uploading a model. That’s because you do that via another command on SketchUp’s File menu. See Uploading Models for details.
  • In your browser, the user menu has all the options you find via SketchUp, plus an option for uploading models.

In the following figure, you see the user menu in SketchUp (Callout 1) and in a browser (Callout 2).

The 3D Warehouse user menu is slightly different when you access 3D Warehouse via SketchUp versus a web browser

The following sections take you on a brief tour of each user menu option (with links to articles where you can find more details).

Note: If you ever need to sign out of your 3D Warehouse user account, select Sign Out from the user menu.
Table of Contents
  1. The My 3D Warehouse page
  2. The Upload Model page (web browser only)
  3. The Create a Collection page
  4. The Edit Profile page

The My 3D Warehouse page

When you select My 3D Warehouse from the user menu, the My 3D Warehouse page appears, where you can see model you’ve uploaded, collections you’ve created, and models and collections you’ve liked with the heart icon on a model or collection details page. You find an introduction to the Like button and collections in Introducing the 3D Warehouse Interface.

As shown in the following the figure, when you access the My 3D Warehouse page via SketchUp (top), you don’t have an option to upload models, but in a web browser (bottom), you do have an upload option.

The My 3D Warehouse page

The Upload Model page (web browser only)

On the Upload Model page, shown in the following figure, you can upload a .skp or .kmz file and add a title, description, URL, and tags that will appear on your model’s details page. Uploading Models walks you through the process of uploading a model. Introducing the 3D Warehouse Interface introduces the elements that appear on the model details page.

The Upload Model page in 3D Warehouse

The Create a Collection page

The Create a Collection page enables you to create your own collection of models, which you can share with others as a public collection or keep as a private collection.

Say you’ve liked several models of furniture for an interior design or have modeled a series of buildings with a special function or style. Creating a collection enables you to organize these models in one convenient place within 3D Warehouse.

See Creating and Sharing Collections for details about creating your own collections.

The Create a Collection page in 3D Warehouse

The Edit Profile page

On the Edit Profile page, shown in the following figure, you can manage the following:

  • Your personal information
  • Social media accounts
  • Location
  • Professional information
  • Notifications

See Managing Your 3D Warehouse Profile for details.

The Edit Profile page in 3D Warehouse

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