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Downloading SketchUp Bonus Packs

SketchUp Bonus Packs are now online in the 3D Warehouse. Follow these steps to locate and download these components into SketchUp:
  1. Run SketchUp.
  2. Select Window > Components. The Component Browser is displayed.
  3. Click the Select tab to make sure you're viewing the Select panel.
  4. Click the "Navigation" button (it looks like an upside-down triangle).
  5. Select a Bonus Pack, such as "Architecture, or "Landscape." A list of related component collections is displayed.
  6. Click on one of the thumbnail images to see the components in a collection. The model is downloaded into SketchUp.
  7. (optional) Refer to Saving a 3D Warehouse search as a local collection to save SketchUp Bonus Packs on your local hard disk.

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