Allowing users to contact me - 3D Warehouse

Your 3D Warehouse User Profile page includes a feature that gives you the option to allow other users to contact you directly, via the email address associated with your 3D Warehouse account. By default, this option is disabled. You can choose to enable it or disable it at any time.

If you’ve taken the time and energy to upload your awesome models to the 3D Warehouse, there’s a chance that other users might ask you a question about your work. Perhaps they’re interested in a technique you used, or they want to ask permission to use the model in a presentation – or even a video game! This feature is designed to make conversations like these possible.

Some important notes about Privacy:
Please note that by simply allowing other users to contact you will NOT result in your email address being displayed publicly. Other users will simply see an email icon alongside other social media contact options that you may have enabled.

When other users click the email icon, they will see a message box that includes THEIR email address (the sender), but does not display your email address (the recipient).

The message they send you will land in your email inbox showing 3D Warehouse as the sender, and listing the other user’s email address in the reply-to field.

Here’s the important part – IF you choose to reply to the message via email, the email you send to the other person will reveal your email address. At this point, the conversation you’re having with the other 3D Warehouse user is happening via email, and the other person will know your email address.