After I enter my license, nothing happens

The Quick Answer

  • Check that your account or computer has administrative permissions.
  • Make sure your license matches your version of SketchUp.
  • Situation: After you enter your SketchUp Pro license information and click "OK" (PC) or "Add" (Mac), the license dialog box closes and immediately reopens.

    There are three main causes for this looping behavior:

    • The user account you're logged in with doesn't have Power User or Administrator privileges (PC) or Admin privileges (Mac). You may need to contact your computer administrator for assistance. You can also find more information about privileges and user accounts by visiting the Microsoft Support or Apple Support sites.
    • The version of SketchUp Pro that you have installed is different from the version that the license is for. To check the version you have installed:
      1. For Mac users, "Evaluation."
      2. Open the "Help" menu (PC) or "SketchUp" menu (Mac).
      3. Click "About SketchUp."
    • The license you are using for authorization is an expired Student license from our SketchUp Education program. To authorize SketchUp Pro you need either a current Student license or a commercial license. To purchase a license, visit, and then click "Buy."