Trimble Connect and SketchUp

Trimble Connect and SketchUp work together to help you access your models across multiple devices and platforms. How SketchUp interacts with Trimble Connect depends on which version of SketchUp you are using. Choose your version of SketchUp below to learn more about how Trimble Connect works with that platform:

  • SketchUp for Desktop – SketchUp for Desktop works with Trimble Connect through an extension that provides multiple options that can help you manage your models. 
  • SketchUp for Web – Trimble Connect is fully integrated with SketchUp for Web and helps you access and share your models with just a few clicks in your preferred web browser.
  • SketchUp for iPad – Trimble Connect functionality is also fully integrated with SketchUp for iPad. Learn how to manage your files right from the palm of your hand. 
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