Subscription Plans

Each SketchUp subscription plan offers a set of services based on the needs and the budgets of our customers. When it comes to subscriptions, SketchUp uses a named-user model. This means each subscription corresponds to a specific user; a real person using their real first name, last name, and a real email address.

If you pay for a SketchUp subscription, your subscription is active for the term listed on your invoice.Subscription periods may vary based on subscription terms and conditions.

For more specific information about administering a subscription or for handling members and seats, be sure to visit our Help Center article about the Trimble Account Management Portal.

SketchUp offers the following subscription plans:

  • SketchUp Free - Includes access to SketchUp for Web along with a few other features to get your started modeling now.
  • SketchUp Go - Offers premium access to both SketchUp for Web and SketchUp for iPad.
  • SketchUp Pro - The SketchUp you know and love including a robust feature set and so much more.
  • SketchUp Studio - Do even more in SketchUp with added features like V-Ray and Scan Essentials plus so much more.
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