Creating a User Account and Signing In

In 3D Warehouse, you need an account to keep track of your favorite models, organize models into collections or folders, interact with other modelers via comments, or upload a model to 3D Warehouse.

Your 3D Warehouse account is based on a Trimble ID. If you don’t have a Trimble ID, creating one is free and easy to do. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to sign up.

After you have an account, you can sign in to 3D Warehouse:

  1. Click the Sign In link at the top of 3D Warehouse interface.
  2. When you see the prompt, enter your user name and password. After you’re signed in, where the Sign In link used to appear (right next to the Search box), your user menu appears with your account name and profile photo.

To open your user menu, hover the mouse pointer over or click your avatar in the upper right, as shown in the following figure.

A user menu in 3D Warehouse shows options for Models, Folders, Collections, Favorites, Liked Content, Analytics, Manage Content, Settings, and Sign Out

Note: The Manage Content option is for companies that create product catalogs for the 3D Warehouse. See that section of the Help Center for more information.

In the following sections, take a brief tour of each user menu option (with links to articles where you can find more details).

Note: If you ever need to sign out of your 3D Warehouse user account, select Sign Out from the user menu.

Models page

When you select Models from the user menu, the Models page appears. On this page, you can see models you’ve uploaded and a plus icon for uploading a new model. You also see tabs for Favorites, collections you’ve created, and models and collections you’ve liked with the heart icon on a model or collection details page.

A users Models page in 3D Warehouse

Folders, Collections, Favorites, and Liked Content

3D Warehouse gives you many ways to organize and share models, included folders, collections, favorites, and liked content. You access each of these by selecting the option you want on the user menu. Here's a brief introduction to each option:

  • Folders let you save models you like to a private folder, and you can find them on the Folders page, as shown in the following figure.
  • Collections are models you've curated into a public collection.
  • Favorites are models you've saved as a favorite by clicking the Favorite icon on the model details page.
  • Liked Content is where you find models you've liked before the Favorites feature was introduced. As of October 2019, liking a model doesn't save the model to Liked Content.
Note: If you have used the Like button to also save models to your Liked Models folder, the content from that folder is still available via the Liked Content option on the user menu. The Liked Content page holds all the models you’ve liked. However, as of October 2019, liking a model no longer saves it to Liked Models. To curate a folder of your favorite models, use the Favorite button () instead, which saves the model to your Favorites folder.
The Folders page in 3D Warehouse

Analytics page

This page shows basic analytics about models you’ve uploaded. These analytics include the total downloads, total views and total likes as well as a large graph. Verified commercial providers see additional analytics, as shown in the following figure.

The Analytics page in 3D Warehouse

Settings page

On the Settings page, shown in the following figure, you can create a profile and manage the following:

  • Personal information you want to share with 3D Warehouse users
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Email notifications
  • Professional information
  • Whether 3D Warehouse users can contact you
A Settings page in 3D Warehouse
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