Pending version isn't based on Current version

Pending version isn't based on Current version
As the owner of a model in the 3D Warehouse, you may see this warning message when others upload revisions of your model. To better understand this message we suggest reading the following example:
  1. Let's say that Tommy creates a 3D model of a boat and uploads it to the 3D Warehouse.
  2. Vicky downloads the model of the boat as does Jody.
  3. Vicky adds an anchor to the boat and uploads the revised model.
  4. Tommy likes the new anchor and approves the model. This makes the boat with the anchor the 'Current version.'
  5. Jody, on the other hand, adds an engine and uploads the revised model.
The problem is that Jody doesn't know about Vicky's changes. His model doesn't have the anchor. If Tommy accepts Jody's revision, the 'Current version' of the model is replaced with Jody's model - the anchor won't be in the 'Current version.'

At this time, there isn't a way to merge Jody and Vicky's model together. To work around this issue, Jody should download the 'Current version' of the boat with the anchor, add his engine to this version, and upload his revision of the model.