Stamp Tool: Creating impressions of geometry in a TIN

Creating impressions of geometry in a TIN

To create an impression of geometry in a TIN:
  1. Create your TIN, such as the terrain where a building might exist.
  2. Create the faces to be used as the stamp, such as the bottom faces of the building.
  3. Move the stamp over the location in the TIN where you want to create an impression.
  4. Note: The stamp can be an individual face, selection set of faces, a group, or a component.

  5. Select the Stamp tool. The cursor changes to an arrow.
  6. Click on the stamp. SketchUp will create an offset around the stamp.
  7. (optionally) Adjust the offset size by typing in a new value in the Measurements toolbar.
  8. Click on the TIN.
  9. A copy of the stamp will be indented into the TIN. The cursor will be on the copy of the stamp allowing you to move the stamp, and connected TIN, up or down.
  10. Move the mouse to adjust the stamp within the TIN.
  11. Click when you are done adjusting the stamp.
  12. Smooth and soften the TIN to get your final model.

Note: The Stamp tool will not work on a group or component that is open for editing.