Sandbox From Scratch Tool: Creating a new TIN

Creating a New TIN

To create a new TIN:
  1. Select the Sandbox From Scratch tool. The cursor changes to a pencil with a grid.

  2. Note: The Sandbox From Scratch tool defaults to 10' square grid sizes. You might want to zoom out or change the grid size (Grid Spacing) in the Measurements toolbar before creating your sandbox.

    Tip: You can optionally enter a value in the Measurements toolbar for the size of each square in your grid at this time (Grid Spacing).

  3. Click to set the starting point of your TIN.
  4. Move the mouse in the direction you want to be the length of the TIN. As you move your mouse a line appears with tick marks at a specific spacing. The length value is displayed dynamically in the Measurements toolbar.
  5. Click a second time to establish the length of your TIN.
  6. Drag the mouse perpendicular to the length line to establish the width of your TIN.
  7. Click a third time to establish the width of your TIN. The following image shows the flat TIN created with the Sandbox From Scratch tool.

Note: The terrain will be placed inside of a Group entity. You must edit or explode the group to perform other operations, such as smoothing with the Smoove tool, on the TIN.