SketchUp and Windows Vista/Windows 7

SketchUp and Windows Vista/Windows 7

SketchUp versions 7.1 and later officially support Windows Vista and Windows 7.

When installing SketchUp, right-click on the install file and choose Run as Administrator. Likewise, when authorizing SketchUp Pro, right-click on the SketchUp icon on your desktop and select Run as Administrator.

Video Graphics Cards:

If you're using SketchUp with Windows Vista/Windows 7 and are experiencing display issues, we highly recommend continually updating your graphics card with the latest drivers. SketchUp relies on OpenGL 1.5 compliant graphics card and drivers. Please be aware that there may be several graphics cards that don't have Windows Vista/Windows 7 compatible drivers yet. This is why it's important to continually check with the graphics card manufacturer for new drivers.

Please note that some graphics cards have encountered issues such as screen artifacts, highlighting anomalies, and incorrectly drawn selection boxes, with the latest version of SketchUp. Turning off Fast Feedback may solve some of these issues.

Hardware Changes:

Changes in the Windows operating systems have changed the hardware requirements for SketchUp. For a complete list of hardware requirements, please visit this SketchUp Help Center article.

If SketchUp version 6 freezes on Windows Vista, check out this Help Center article.

Release Notes:

For a more complete list of known issues with SketchUp and what's changed, we suggest visiting our Release Notes.