The Document Setup dialog box (Mac OS X)

The Document Setup dialog box (Mac OS X)
The Document Setup dialog box is used to configure settings specific to the current SketchUp model. Use Document Setup to set the print size, print scale and to preview the number of pages required to print your drawing. Select File > Document Setup to invoke the Page Setup dialog box.

Print size

The Print size section of the Document Setup dialog box is used to determine the size of the page size for your output.

Fit view to page

The Fit view to page option is used to size the model to fit on a single sheet of paper. This option must be disabled in to specify a different size or scale.


The width and height fields are used to enter a custom page size for your output. If you define a size larger than the page size you selected in Page Setup, SketchUp will print your drawing on multiple pages (tiles) that you can affix together manually after printing.

SketchUp will calculate the number of pages required to print your drawing at that size automatically, and display it below.

Print scale

The Scale section of the of the Page Setup dialog box is used to override any SketchUp-specific scale settings.

In Drawing/In Model

The In Drawing/In Model fields are used to scale your model for printing. The first measurement, labeled In the Model, is the measurement of the exported geometry. The second measurement, labeled In SketchUp, is the actual measurement of the object in real scale. For example, for a scale of 1/4" = 1', simply enter 1 inch In Drawing equals 4 feet In Model.

Note: It is not possible to print a perspective image to scale. Ensure perspective is disabled and you are using one of the Standard Views in the Camera > Standard submenu, to enable the scale option.

Note: Even though paraline projection is used to get an output that is to scale, not all angles will be measurable to a scale. This issue is the result of SketchUp using foreshortening, or a technique of shortening lines to create a 3D effect on a 2D medium such as paper.

Pages required (section tiling)

If the current scale is larger than the paper size of your printer or plotter, the entire model can be printed by printing on several pieces of paper. These pieces of paper can then be taped together to create the final scaled model. For example, tiling lets you print proofs of a large model, such as a B size (11" x 17"), on a printer that uses a smaller paper size, such as an A size (8.5" x 11"). Tiling also lets you print banners that are made up of multiple pages.

Tiling is available when you use the Scale fields to scale a model to be larger than the current paper size available in your printer.

You can display a preview of tile pages by clicking on the Preview button at the bottom of the Print dialog box.