Tape Measure Tool: Creating guide lines and guide points

Tape Measure Tool: Creating guide lines and guide points

Creating Guide Lines and Guide Points

Guide Line entities and Guide Point entities are useful for drawing precisely. To create an infinite parallel guide line using the Tape Measure tool:

  1. Select the Tape Measure tool (). The cursor changes to a tape measure.
  2. Click on a line that will be parallel to the guide line, to set the starting point of your measurement. You must click on an On Edge or Midpoint point between the start and end points in the line segment.

  3. Note: Start from an 'On Edge' point inference and move across a face to generate an infinite parallel guide line. Start from an 'Endpoint' to create a finite guide line with a guide point at the end.

  4. Press and release the Ctrl (Microsoft Windows) or Option (Mac OS X) key.
  5. Move the cursor in the direction you want to measure. A temporary measuring tape line and a guide line will stretch out from your starting point.
  6. Click again at the point where you want to set your guide line. The final distance is displayed in the Measurements toolbar.

  7. Tip: Starting from an endpoint or midpoint results in a Guide Point.