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License types and pricing

We offer two types of licensing for SketchUp Pro. Be sure to review the hardware requirements for SketchUp before purchasing.

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A Single-user license is assigned to one person and can only be used by the registered user. That individual can install the license on any computer he or she is using, but only one computer can run SketchUp Pro at a particular time. Click here for SketchUp Pro Pricing, including quantity discounts.
Network Licenses (10 seat minimum initial purchase):
A network license is not assigned to an individual user. The software can be installed on as many computers as needed which are connected to a centralized server location. The license is stored in a shared folder and the software points to that license.
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Note: A computer using a network license must be connected to the network to use the license. Network licenses can't be "checked out" for offline use. If SketchUp Pro can't detect the network license, it can't be started.

Adding Network seats and Enterprise-level solutions: Add seats to an existing Network license or obtaining purchasing information for large companies or organizations is available by contacting our SketchUp Pro Sales team.

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